In February of 2018, I co-led a photography and sea kayaking trip to Magdalena Bay, a massive wildlife-filled bay on the west side of Baja. The trip was put together by Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, run by my old friend Ginni Callahan. What could be better than skipping two weeks of winter to paddle in warm water and 80-degree temperatures, watch whales breach, and coach a group of great folks on photography? Can’t really think of anything, to be honest. Here are some of the images I took.

And now it’s your chance! I’m doing another Baja sea kayak and photography leaving on April 13 of 2019, this time on the Sea of Cortez side, through the islands off Loreto, known for great sea life and snorkeling and described by Jacques Cousteau as “the world’s largest aquarium.” With luck, we’ll catch the tail end of the whale season (pun intended) and the jumping mobula rays.  You should come!